La estrella de los tejados (Pereza)


domingo, 9 de enero de 2011


  • I can't travel across the earth, see what's under my feet and know what's under my transparent skin.
  • Look for the right balance in the movement, not in the stillness.
  • Don't look beyond only the learned can visualize the future throught other eyes.
  • Even if do you not miss the learning fail.
  • Love still hurts.
  • Only those who know where their footprints are, will believe in themselves.
  • I prefer having smelt once his hair, a kiss of his lips, a caress of his hand, that the whole eternity without her.
  • Wise I what is a love? eyes swear that not, because habia never dress a beauty like that.
  • His lips when yours have touched are like this first drink of wine after having crossed the desert.
  • If you close I hand with it, always it will be empty. If you her open conseguiras everything.
  • I prefer having only half an hour to be happy that the whole life without anything special.

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